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The Power to Shift Heaven and Earth

                       By Jean Russell 

It is a difficult thing to talk about power of the spirit.  But how do we know when we arrive at a certain point, if we do not know where we are going?  There is a place in faith beyond the charismatic stance of standing on the Word by faith.  Once we have been rooted and grounded by faith in the ways of the Word, we then need to learn to flow in it naturally and without struggle, not striving but at peace, harmoniously.  To arrive at this inward harmony, our pure consciousness has to emerge; to become as a child.  As Jesus said, “you have to become like one of these children” to see the kingdom of God.  When we have successfully put the care, worries, struggles and selfishness aside and allowed our pure consciousness to appear, we are no longer a dual personality, like people have a tendency to be.  Grown-up people tend to separate themselves into the “inner person” and the outer. 

 When allowing the inner to surface free of the cares of the world …we can then see things from a true perspective, not looking through the eyes of different emotions, opinions, pain, worry and care.  It is important to see with clear, unbiased eyes.  To arrive at our inward place we have to reverse self-seeking and cultivate perfect cleanliness of thought and body.  Our spirit is already clean if we are “born again.”

 When anxiety is expelled, along with grief, and other emotions, then there is harmony in the soul which brings the Holy Spirit into your soul.  Only when all is clean, will the pure self of the spirit and soul in tune with God be able to come to the surface.  That is the place where you will be able to hear mysteries from God, having the knowledge and wisdom of the Creator of all things residing in your consciousness.

 I know that in the stress of this day and time, it is very difficult to keep a clear, harmonious mind and spirit, even if your body is always clean and pure, and your actions/deeds are just and kind.  We still have to spend time with God; in a meditative state, communing with Him.  But you can live in this harmonious way more and more as you put down  “everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.” 

  The Bible tells you what to think about…”whatsoever is good, and pure and of good report, think on these things.”  I know we have problems we have to deal with and cope with.  Problems to face and solve best we can, but we are not to dwell on them.  We pray about it; if we can put an action to the problem to fix something, we should.  After that, stand on the word of God; go before the Father…make ourselves available to be counseled by God on the matter.  Perhaps you will come away from the meeting with God with an altogether different point of view!   When you are looking through the “eyes of the Spirit,” things can look very different.  …In your everyday life, stay calm, free from emotions, and reacting with your heart in a giving mode, with a pure mind and clean hands.





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